Yeah, I have better things to do Part II …

Gop Senators just don’t want/need to watch the House Open Hearings.

One thought on “Yeah, I have better things to do Part II …

  1. What are Republicans in Congress working on these days which is taking up so much of their time that they are unable to watch the impeachment hearings of one Donald J. Trump?

    Maybe they’re interested in the fact that Israel has re-started it’s targeted assassination program?

    Israel’s latest targets seems to be the leadership of the Islamic Jihad Movement of Palestine.
    Israel killed Jihad Movement leader Abu al-Atta and targeted other Islamic Movement leaders over the past 5 days including in Syria.

    Netanyahu began secret negotiations with Hamas some months ago.
    Then suddenly the leader of Hamas’ top rival the Islamic Jihad Movement of Palestine and several members of its top leadership are assassinated or by the Israelis.

    What does Hamas and Israel have up their sleeves?

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