About those phone calls Mr. Sondland …

Sondland’s recollection of a phone conversation that he said took place on Sept. 9 has emerged as a centerpiece of Trump’s defense as House Democrats argue in an impeachment inquiry that he abused his office to pressure Ukraine to investigate Democrats.

However, no other witness testimony or documents have emerged that corroborate Sondland’s description of a call that day.

The call occurred on September 7th. In this call, Trump did say there was “no quid pro quo” with Ukraine, but he then went on to outline his preconditions for releasing the security assistance and granting a White House visit. The call was so alarming that when John Bolton learned of it, he ordered his deputy Tim Morrison to immediately report it to the National Security Council lawyers…

Sondland has testified there was a call on September 9th in which Trump said there was “no quid pro quo,” but that he wanted President Zelenskyy “to do” the right thing. A close reading of the publicly available evidence shows that the latter call was actually the very one that sent Morrison to the lawyers, and that Ambassador Bill Taylor foregrounded in his written deposition to inform Congress of the quid pro quo.

One thought on “About those phone calls Mr. Sondland …

  1. “Congress may have been mistakenly led to believe that there were two phone calls.”
    If Congress can’t even follow the bouncing ball how in the world do they expect the public to follow it? Incompetence.

    But it’s even worse then that because not only is the leadership of the Democratic Party confused it is also silent on important issues.

    It is impossible to win a trade war.
    Nobody has ever won a trade war.
    Even Capitalist economists will tell you that.

    Anybody who claims that trade wars can be won “in the long run” are liars or as dumb as a stump.
    “Tariff Man” Trump and the Republicans are both.

    Tariffs are taxes paid for by the consumer.
    They result in higher prices, inflation or both.
    Those are negative outcomes for the consumer.
    So why aren’t Democratic leaders hammering “Tariff Man” on a daily basis about his trade war lunacy?

    Republicans are “dangerous” “human scum” and “enemies of the people.”

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