Men’s rights activists kill people, you say?

We were lucky this time. Usually they shoot at a whole crowd.

3 thoughts on “Men’s rights activists kill people, you say?

  1. There is more to this then so far meets the eye.
    It’s just too easy to write this guy off as just another right wing, Limberger “dittohead.”

  2. The person in question has (had?) a youtube channel featuring his many on-air and radio interviews with Fox News and other conservative crazies, including Brian Kilmeade and “Judge” Napolitano.

  3. So as a semi-crusader against lies and insanity, I have to wonder whether these fucks pull this stuff just to broaden the frame for conspiracy theorizing.
    Except I don’t believe them to be smart enough to be doing this on purpose, so perhaps it’s just instinctual?

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