Being Everywoman is Katie Porter’s superpower

Just go read it. She is my hero and I love her:

“When Representative Katie Porter’s face appears on my laptop screen, backdropped by the marigold walls of her kitchen, I can instantly tell she’s having a day. She’s overwhelmed, weary, pulsating with the frantic energy of a person doing too much. It’s April 9, or day 21 since Porter more or less locked herself inside like much of the rest of the country, and yes, we are Zooming. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d speak with a member of Congress while unshowered, makeup-free, and in sweatpants, but here we are. And for a moment, we are not reporter and politician, but two women who find themselves in the middle of an unprecedented global pandemic, and one of us clearly needs a minute.

“Like many, Porter is exhausted from all the digital demands. “One’s a call, one’s a Zoom, one requires me to be dressed up, another might require me to, God forbid, have my hair done.…” And frankly, she’s a bit miffed with staffers who schedule back-to-back meetings, failing to recognize that even Porter—a woman whose colleagues call her a superwoman, who has made drowsy congressional hearings must-see TV, and who so expertly spars with witnesses that you can almost see them quiver—also needs a break to pee sometimes.”