New voters are turning out…

16 million new voters that didn’t vote in 2016 are turning out. It does my heart good…

Here in my Metro Atlanta county voting has been so robust that all early voting precincts have been open throughout the county all at once instead of them being open just one week at a time. The Senior Center next to the courthouse was opened to take overflow from the courthouse and several locations implemented Saturday voting.

One thought on “New voters are turning out…

  1. While we’ve all been focused on an extremely important general election and a huge new spike in coronavirus cases, warmonger Mike Pompeo has been running around the world making really bad deals and signing very dangerous treaties.

    Most of Pompeo’s energies have been devoted to selling the US out to Israel and pissing China off.

    In the past thirty days Pompeo: 1) signed the Abraham Protocols, a trade deal that sold the Palestinian people down the river.
    2) removed Sudan from the Terrorist Watch List so that they could sign onto the Abraham Protocols.
    3) signed a treaty with Israel which recognized, and funds, Israel’s illegal settlements built on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank.
    4) sold billions of dollars in advanced weaponry to Taiwan.
    5) signed a treaty with the Maldives.

    Pompeo is a warmongering idiot.

    Biden will have his hands full trying to reverse and repair the devastating foreign policy blunders that Mike Pompeo has made in a short two years.

    Vote Blue and retire the failed and foolish Mike Pompeo.
    Do it today.

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