Who’d a thunk…

Well, this came from left field for me.

One thought on “Who’d a thunk…

  1. In 2005 President Obama approved the use of a CIA-NSA-Israeli developed “worm” called STUXNET which was designed to cripple the Iranian nuclear program.
    Obama agreed to the “careful, directed” use of STUXNET over Biden’s objections.
    At some point Israel became impatient with the US go-slow approach and Netanyahu released STUXNET worldwide.

    STUXNET had three goals in mind and none of them were ever met.
    But what the idiocy on the part of the Israelis did accomplish was to allow the world to identify who developed and used STUXNET.

    Which is why the world no longer feels any guilt about interfering in our elections or using cyber warfare against us.
    After all the US did it first.
    We were also the first country to drop a nuclear bomb on a population center.

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