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  1. The coup of ’62 ushered in two decades of street confrontation which focused on changing the direction of US foreign and military policy.

    Enter Neo-liberal, ex-actor, and government snitch Ronald Reagan (1981) whose policies kicked off the decline of the American middle class.
    Reaganomics, austerity, and Disco.

    Over the past 40 years each successive Neo-liberal president (all of them) has played ‘his’ role in stripping away the people’s wealth by destroying the unions and freezing wages.

    If Joe Biden could turn the clock back 25 years he might just be successful in selling his unity message.

    Unfortunately, the USS Unity sailed when NAFTA closed the factories and shipped our jobs overseas.
    Then when criminal justice reform filled the jails, endless warfare commenced, and the Patriot Act was passed the divide in the country only deepened.

    No Joe, you can’t turn back time, but you can undo the damage that you and your Neo-liberal cohorts have visited on the American people for over 40 years.

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