Salting the ground

By installing Trumpers in positions where they can’t be fired, and naturally will work against any Biden agenda:

One thought on “Salting the ground

  1. There is a growing list of outrageous acts being perpetrated by Trump.

    Here are some more of them.

    First, Iran’s leading general was assassinated, using Israeli Mossad intelligence, when Trump fired Hellfire missiles at his car.
    Then with Trumps urging, the Israeli Mossad assassinated Iran’s leading scientist using remote controlled bombs and machine guns before Friday prayers in Iran.

    All of this assassinating is an attempt to goad the Iranians into a war with the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia before Biden is sworn in.

    This trio of bad actors and the warmongers; the war criminal Netanyahu, the pathological murderer bin Salman, and the vindictive, egomaniacal, fool Trump, are a clear and present danger to peace.

    They should all be removed from power and assigned to the ash heap of history and pronto. Along with Putin, and other dictators.

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