One thought on “A pardon for the worst kind of men

  1. Speaking of terrorists; as president, Trump controls the levers of power.
    Yet his opposition was strong enough to rig the last election against him?

    Trump is one of the top two biggest losers in history.
    A majority of the American people fired Trump for cause on November 4.
    No rigging required.

    The “shit hole” country of Rwanda has reported 7970 cases and 74 deaths from the coronavirus as of today.

    The population of Belgium (11.6 million), Illinois (12.7 million), and Rwanda (12.9 million) are comparable.

    Belgium had 638, 877 cases of the virus and 19,200 deaths and Illinois had 939,671 cases and 17,336 deaths.

    Rwanda has a bottom-up, universal health care system (Medicare For All) in which 90% of all Rwandans participate.
    Rwanda is very sensitive to the threat of viral pandemics for historic reasons and nips them in the bud.

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