One thought on “Trump: The Musical

  1. Trump last night, “Mike Pence, A great guy. A great Vice President.
    But, if he doesn’t come through on Wednesday and back the coup, then he’s f****d.”

    The anti-American, Fascist, Intimidator-in-Chief followed his threats against Raffensperger in Georgia with threats against Mike Pence.

    140 anti-American, Fascist, Republicans in the House and 12 or 13 (depending on where Ted Cruz stands today) anti-American, Fascist, Republican Senators have committed to participating in Trumps coup. (Kelly Loeffler)

    Everyone of these Republicans are traitors to the Constitution and to their oath of office.
    They must be dealt with accordingly.

    Whether or not they will be is a political issue.
    If the American people demand that action be taken against these Republican criminals then something will be done.

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