What I believe

All that happened yesterday was probably part of what prompted those former secretaries of state to write that letter last week, the one warning Trump against using the military to settle the election.

William Kirstol wrote last week that there were rumors they wanted to address, that Trump planned to use the military to stop the electoral college vote count and even to arrest Joe Biden.

This was the plan all along. Trump has never given up finding a way to stay in power, there is too much at stake: legally, and financially. Yesterday didn’t just happen; it was a plan. So far, it hasn’t worked.

One thought on “What I believe

  1. It looked for all the world like Venezuela on Capital Hill yesterday.
    Trump and his Fascist minions seemed to be following Mike Pompeo’s Venezuelan coup playbook to the letter.

    Pompeo backed the traitor Juan Guaido in his attempt to remove the newly re-elected President Nicolas Maduro from power in a coup.

    Fascist Guaido claimed that the election was “rigged” by the “Deep State” which had colluded with the socialist “fake new media” to victimize the people of Venezuela.
    Guaido also claimed that “Dominion tabulating machines” were programed to add phantom votes to Maduro’s total vote count.

    Fascist, authoritarian Mike Pence is one evil f****r and a graduate of West Point who left active duty as a Captain.

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