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  1. So was Jared Kushner by Allen Dershowitz, sigh.

    Under the category of “follow the money” we have this bit of news.

    An heiress to the Publix supermarket (FL) fortune contributed $300 thousand to Trumps January 6 rally and coup attempt.
    Julie Jenkins, a far-right advocate for Alex Jones and his InfoWars conspiracy theories, and a $1 million dollar donor to Trumps 2020 re-election campaign, provided the “lions share” of the rally’s (coup) $500 thousand cost.

    Trumps January 6 rally turned riot and insurrection was well funded and carefully planned.

    It wasn’t an accident that Trump instructed the crowd to “fight like hell.”
    Or that a number of Republican representatives trapped in the Capitol tweeted “It’s 1776.”
    Or that Mo Brooks told the crowd that “It’s time to kick some ass and take some names.”
    Or that Rudy Giuliani screamed “Let’s have trial by combat.”
    5 people died on January 6.

    Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz lent their support to Mike Pompeo’s well planned January 6 coup intended to install Trump as America’s first dictator.
    (See Pompeo, Venezuela and Guido’s attempted coup.)

    Traitors all.

    The good news is that the counter-revolution to the January 6 coup attempt has taken root.

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