2 thoughts on “The apple and the tree

  1. “There should be a higher standard for police” and for their bosses the politicians who hire the leaders who run these departments.

    Take Andrew Cuomo for example.
    Apparently the people of New York believe that Cuomo is their kind of politician.
    Cuomo has a 53% approval rating amongst New Yorkers including a large segment of the Black community.
    Because Cuomo is seen outside the confines of New York State as the Democratic Party’s version of narcissistic, philanderer Trump, his poll numbers are dismal.

    Then there’s ED Rendell, Democrat from Pennsylvania, who never misses an opportunity to shill for the FOX propaganda network.
    Rendell says that Biden and his administration should include the questions of more FOX propaganda personalities at their presses.
    Mr. Rendell should STFU because he always sounds like the village idiot.

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