One thought on “Truth

  1. It actually does sound like a tragic mistake — the officer was rattled after Duante jumped back into the car while they were trying to arrest him, then seemed to threaten him with a taser before shooting. Now, tasers are more dangerous than generally recognized, so even shooting him with a taser is questionable. And should you taser someone driving a car? No — whether a gun or a taser, cops are too quick to “solve” a problem of someone running away from them by shooting. This is not a situation that couldn’t have been addressed by the cops running back to their car, calling for help, and simply following Duante — maybe call dispatch and get someone to call his cell phone and talk him into pulling over. Maybe just follow him home. Cops generally shouldn’t even be armed with guns in the first place. A tragedy for the cop who made the mistake, but she’s still alive. Duante’s family’s tragedy is far worse.

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