Ha ha, he beat Elon Musk

I am a big supporter of the U.S. space program, but not so much of the private version which sells expensive thrills to billionaires. But maybe I’m just being cranky!

4 thoughts on “Ha ha, he beat Elon Musk

  1. Millionaires and billionaires are always first in line.

    Up until Musk, Bezos and Branson, every countries space program was entirely geared toward the militarization of space.
    Up to and including traitor Trumps Space Corp which was set-up to fight a war in space.

    You too can fly into sub-orbital space for the low, low price of your own body weight in gold and that’s a fact.

  2. No, you’re not being cranky. Democratization of space my ass. The privatization of the universe is more accurate.

  3. Did’ja ever notice that all the exwives of these billionaire bozos are giving away most of the money from their divorce settlement, while their ex’s are try to see whose got the bigger rocket?

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