I’m sure they’ll live happily ever after

One thought on “I’m sure they’ll live happily ever after

  1. Has systematic and institutional racism been a part of the social fabric of America since the founding of the country?
    If so, how has it impacted the wealth of one group over another?

    Those are the questions that Critical Race Theory asks.

    Those are the questions that the Big Lie Party and the Evangelical Christian movement don’t want asked in classrooms or in the media.
    Because, the racists claim, the answers to those questions “will further divide Americans by elevating one group over another rather than focusing on America.”
    That gibberish is generally followed by “and what about White Privilege and Marxism?”

    It’s the same crazy shit that the racist White Supremacists shouted about all during the struggle for inclusion and integration.

    But for the Fascist Right this really isn’t about Critical Race Theory, it’s about exploitation.

    The ultimate form of exploitation is slave labor.

    White, Angelo-Saxon, Protestant, Capitalist, men in the South (Dixiecrats) forced a Civil War on the United States in a bid to save slavery as a viable business model.

    The Big Lie Party’s only motivation in all of this is to keep our current system of worker exploitation in place.
    Not paying a living wage exploits workers and greatly profits Capitalists.
    The same can be said about the lack of a Universal Health Care System.

    To remain in power the Big Lie Party will suppress the vote, nullify the vote and if necessary delegitimize the entire voting process.
    If the Big Lie Party succeeds in destroying the democratic republic then that’s just another cost of doing business.

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