2 thoughts on “I forgot how much I really hate these people

  1. And Drumpf had ‘oratorical heights’, that he would ‘scale’? He was ‘inspiring’? Well, technically, to some endogenous-amphetamine addicted yahoos, maybe.
    With his sing-song, self-bored delivery, Drumpf would inspire them:
    ‘And this was the greatest rally anybody has ever seen, some people say that, greatest evah!, such fine people, let me tell ya, and the media, let me tell ya, they’re enemies, the elites, don’t let them tell ya otherwise, don’t buy their fake news. Fake news, that’s right. Totally fake. Going down every day. That’s what a lot of people say’

  2. Everybody is trying to fill their own rice bowl and if it bleeds, it leads.
    So you can’t really hate a person for trying to make a living.

    On the other hand FOX, Newsmax, and OAN aren’t in the business of elevating anybody but Trump, those who think like Trump, and those who hate the “Democrat Party.”
    They hate Joe Biden for no other reason other then he’s the leader of the “Democrat Party.”
    But you must admit that after having been harangued for the past four years by the lying, lunatic Trump, Joe Biden ‘is’ pretty boring and that’s OK.

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