There’s your bipartisan committee, pal

2 thoughts on “There’s your bipartisan committee, pal

  1. Both parties are playing one-upmanship partisan games rather than dealing with the existential issues facing humanity, let alone the stupidity that drives the bi-partisan consensus on US foreign and military policy. But Nancy owned McCarthy on this one.

  2. Traitor Trump took his traveling ‘Grievance Tour’ to Arizona over the weekend and implored the sham auditors to “find the votes.”

    “Until you discover how they (Democrats) cheated,” the Big lie Party “will never win again,” clamed traitor Trump.

    Meanwhile back at traitor Trumps fiefdom in Westminster, New Jersey, $75 million has been raised in the last 6 months to meet the traitors legal and gastronomical needs.

    Trump was defeated in a landslide last November yet his stench still permeates the land.

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