One thought on “Trading places

  1. “Death of Hippie” October 6, 1967.

    Slowly, much too slowly, Biden is unraveling the Obama-Clinton foreign policy in the Middle East.

    Rather the surging troops into Afghanistan Biden chose instead to end the war.

    Rather then continuing to defy the Iraqi governments call for the immediate withdrawal of all US combat troops, Biden has chosen to officially end that war by December 31.
    Although re-labeling the 2500 US combat troops still in Iraq as “trainers” and re-assigned them to America’s and the world’s largest embassy which is located in Baghdad it appears more like a slight-of-hand then an end to a war.

    Next Biden should remove the 1000 unauthorized, illegal and uninvited US combat troops in Syria guarding the Syrian oil fields from Syria.

    Biden should also shut-down the war in Yemen by stopping the flow of US weapons to Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

    But most importantly Biden needs to sit down with the Israelis and straighten them out once and for all.

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