Expand the Court, Joe. NOW

2 thoughts on “Expand the Court, Joe. NOW

  1. The mendacious hypocrites in the Big Lie Party are all about ‘choice’ when it comes to being vaccinated, but when it comes to a woman’s body and abortion, forgetabout ‘choice’.

    These duplicitous bastards oppose abortion, but they support the death penalty and war.
    Oh, how they all love war.

    The Roman Catholic Supreme Court (Thomas, Alito, Kavanaugh, Barrett and Gorsuch( who attended Jesuit Georgetown Prep) have finally succeeded in their decades long quest of placing women “back into their proper place in society.” (Just as the Taliban are doing.)

    Women who want to keep, and then expand, their ‘rights’ in America (or in Afghanistan) need to mobilize against the Roman Catholic Supreme Court and demand that Biden add at least 3 new members to the court for the sake a neutrality.

  2. Taliban Shmaliban. Islam allows abortion for 120 days, which is 78 days longer than Texas.
    Perhaps Texas should have tried to address its third-world level of maternal mortality before forcing a bunch more poor women to give birth there.
    I don’t suppose Manchin or Sinema have weighed in on this quite yet, but make no mistake, they will, along with senators Coons and Carper, who Biden might actually have some sway over.

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