One thought on “Panhandle Slim… Art for Folk…

  1. The Charter School grifters.

    Public schools don’t teach Critical Race Theory.
    Still the Republican Big Lie Party insists on telling any yahoo who will listen that the teaching of CRT is widespread in the US.

    The Charter School industry sent out its Brown Shirts to convince enough local lawmakers that adding the CRT issue to the “culture wars” would be a winner for the Republican Big Lie Party.

    Fascist, oligarch Betsy DeVos was all in on the idea because, ever the Capitalist, DeVos saw an opportunity to hack off a bigger hunk of the public education dollar for private charter schools and make a profit in the bargain.

    The publicly funded public educational system in this country is vital to our democratic-republic.

    Publicly funded, private charter schools (for-profit or otherwise) operating with no state or federal oversight should not exist.

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