Sending the flying monkeys

It was infuriating to listen to the stories of all the election workers who were targeted because of the Trump and Rudy Show:

The only real heroes of the day were Shay Moss and her mother Ruby Freeman:



One thought on “Sending the flying monkeys

  1. So far those testifying before the Coup Committee have been Republicans.
    For months Republicans said little or nothing about what they knew about traitor Trumps attempted coup.
    It wasn’t until the Coup Committee was formed and Republicans like Rusty Bowers were asked to give testimony, did we learn just how well planned and far reaching the coup plot went.

    With the exception of a very few Republicans, the rest of the Christofascist Republican Party either participated directly in the coup or attempted to cover it up.
    Every Chrisrofascist Republican must be voted out of office in November.
    It’s the duty of every American to get to the polls and make that happen.

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