These f*cking f*cks

It is absolutely imperative that we get at least two more Senate seats if we’re going to stop this corrupt Court:


One thought on “These f*cking f*cks

  1. Taxpayer dollars whether federal, state, or local should never be given to private schools.
    Yesterday’s 6-3 ruling showed just how many extremist religious ideologues now sit on the court.

    Maine’s law, like the laws in many other states (Florida) offers taxpayer funded tuition aid for a private school education.
    Instead of finding Maine’s law unconstitutional, which it is, the Court blew apart “the wall of separation between church and state that the Framers fought so hard to build,” wrote Sonia Sotomayor in her opinion.

    Here come the billions of additional taxpayers’ dollars needed to fund charter and parochial schools.
    That’s one more box checked off by the Christofascist Republicans on their road to setting up their Christofascist theocracy.

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