Gun-loving fascist creeps

One thought on “Gun-loving fascist creeps

  1. 48% of Americans want Trump charged with crimes,
    31% (certainly Darren Bailey is one of them) say that Trump did nothing wrong, and
    21% say they don’t have enough information to decide what to do about Trump.

    Traitor Trump arrived at Mar-A-Lago around dusk on December 23, 2020 and met with Rudy Giuliani.
    After their meeting Trump tweeted that the Justice Dept. should appoint a special counsel to investigate a litany of already debunked election fraud claims.

    On Christmas Eve in a phone call to Acting Attorney General Jeffery Rosen, Trump pressed him to say that the election had been stolen.

    On Dec.27, Trump presented Rosen and his second-in-command Richard Donoghue with a list of previously discredited election fraud allegations.

    On Dec. 28, traitor Trump proposed that the top officials at the Justice Dept. send a letter to Georgia state lawmakers advising them of serious irregularities in the states’ presidential election. Those allegations had already been rejected by the courts.

    On Dec. 29, Trump told the Justice Dept. to file a lawsuit at the US Supreme Court in another half-baked scheme to “stop the count.”
    (All of this pressure on the DOJ by traitor Trump is illegal and some of it is a felony.)

    On New Year’s Eve traitor Trump flew back to the WH unexpectedly to make final preparations for his attempted coup on January 6, 2021.

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