The police problem

No, they don’t need “more training.” And they don’t need to keep hiring even more stupid people, who are selected for their ability to do what they’re told, no matter what.

To even begin to address this corrupt national street gang, we need the kind of wide-ranging federal investigation they did into the Teamsters union — but into the deeply corrupted police unions instead. After all, they’re the leaders. They’re the Tucker Carlsons of police departments, revving them up and egging them on with fabricated stories about a bloody tampon in a cop’s drink.

Those poor, oppressed souls. So misunderstood.

They already have rules. They ignore them. And the police brass look the other way, because letting cops break rules is good for morale. The politicians don’t touch them because 1) police unions and 2) because cops do a very good job of collecting dirt on politicians. I guarantee that any time you see a cop indicted, the politicians had to get the approval of the union first.

There was a captain here who moved out of the city (you have to be a city resident here) and then showed up for work very rarely. The only reason something eventually happened to this cop is because the local paper put it on the front page. Everyone already knew he wasn’t showing up! Probably he was so bad at his job that the brass thought things were better when he stayed away.

That’s what passes for leadership.

I know cops have a tough job. But becoming crooks themselves is not how sane people deal with job stress.



3 thoughts on “The police problem

  1. +1
    It has always been “command and control” for minorities, especially in predominantly black communities. Now it’s coming for the rest of us. “Protect and Serve…” bullshit.

    The Brotherhood (now including females and minorities) the culture of impunity, the militarization, etc. When the good cops close ranks around the bad cops committing unthinkable, horrendous acts, they’re all bad cops. And they are a major force, footsoldiers really, in support of our turn toward fascism.

  2. My dad was Sheriff and my uncle Chief of Police. They weren’t angels by any means, neither of them took shit from anyone. But I know this, neither of them would tolerate beating a person until they were dead as part of a traffic stop. Something has happened over the past 50 years. Police have become roaming thugs what they want because confiscating because government doesn’t pay them. One things certain, they sure aren’t stopping crime.

  3. Cops justify their violence with the supposed danger of their jobs. When I drove a delivery truck I was statistically more than twice as likely to be killed at work as a cop.

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