Bad news for Camden NJ:

Crime-ridden Camden, New Jersey – often referred to as the most dangerous city in the United States—is getting rid of its police department.

In the latest example of a cash-strapped municipality taking drastic measures to deal with swollen public sector liabilities and shrinking budgets, the city plans to disband its 460-member police department and replace it with a non-union “Metro Division” of the Camden County Police. Backers of the plan say it will save millions of dollars for taxpayers while ensuring public safety, but police unions say it is simply a way to get out of collective bargaining with the men and women in blue.

“This is definitely a form of union-busting,” Camden Fraternal Order of Police President John Williamson told “This method is unproven and untested, to put your faith in an agency that doesn’t even [yet] exist.”

Camden County Mayor Dana Redd has said layoffs of the city’s police force will begin by the end of the month. Only 49 percent of current city police officers will be transferred to the new county division, whose members will begin a four- to five-month training program.

“The officers who are getting laid off are going to have to be the ones who train their replacements,” Williamson said.

The back of my knee

So for three weeks, I’ve been wearing a brace and babying my Bakers cystic knee, elevating it whenever I could and icing it down. Until Friday, it didn’t feel that much better. Until Friday.

Friday, it felt so much better. I entertained the notion that I could carry a heavy chair upstairs alone, and I did! And nothing hurt.

Until Saturday morning, when I had to get up early and go to a family funeral. My knee, my sciatic nerve, and my hamstring screamed in pain: “NO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, GET BACK IN BED!!!!”

It was the worst feeling I’ve ever had, and it lasted all day and all night. This morning, I tried to stand up and had to drag my leg along, like Frankenstein’s monster. It hurts SO bad.

I am getting really sick of middle age. I like the wisdom and serenity and all that crap, but you can keep this sort of thing.

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