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For-profit schools

How John Boehner helped his scumbag buddies in the industry.

The centrist cop-out

The Shrill One.


Grateful Dead:

I need a man to love

Big Brother and the Holding Company:

All apologies


Bikeless in Philadelphia — again!

I rarely blog about myself. I prefer the veneer of fiction when it comes to personal matters, so when my bicycle was stolen Monday, I blogged about the thieves in business and government who prosper at the expense of the poor and near-poor.

But I’m still angry about my bike…

Marrakesh express


I will buy you a new life

Believing in politicians is a lot like being in love with a junkie. Everclear:

The times, they are a-changing


A Song for Washington

Cus that’s what all this “debt ceiling” “austerity” bullshit is all about: it’s about fucking the poor (and the working class and the middle class) so the rich don’t have to pay higher taxes.

Here’s another song for Washington (the official video has a great intro, but bleeps out the swear words, so here’s an unofficial with better sound):

I say cook them slowly, Texas barbeque style. Low heat, over a matter of hours, mopping regularly. Some would suggest skinning, but if long pig is anything like the rest of the pork family of meats, I would bet on a deliciously crispy, oh-so-greasy crust like you get with pork shoulder. Or not, as the site suggests. Either way, I’ll bet it’s a nice change from Friskies.

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