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Jonathan Chait is a silly man.

Here comes the rain again

Daryl Hall and Dave Stewart:

There’s power in a union

Billy Bragg:

Einstein, who wrote this piece in 1949, was a humanist (anybody remember humanists?) as well as a brilliant physicist:


  • I will never, ever try to carry a case of beer again. Nope. This means certain people who have borrowed my hand truck better give it back. Just sayin’!
  • I will not have any more cookouts in my yard, because I live on the second floor and that’s a lot of work — unless I figure out how to add a dumbwaiter.
  • I will never again volunteer to make a cake for someone’s birthday. They sell perfectly good cakes in the bakery!
  • I will finish writing this novel. I want to sell it and make a lot of money, and the next time I have a cookout, I will have catering staff to do everything.
  • Which side are you on

    Dropkick Murphys:

    In the street

    Big Star:

    The ghost of Tom Joad

    Bruce Springsteen and Tom Morello:

    Smoke gets in your eyes

    Fred Astaire:

    My one and only love

    Frank Sinatra:

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