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Saturday in the park


Adventures in chemistry

I simply could not get to sleep last night. Finally, around 3:30, I decided to do something.

I had a three-year-old bottle of generic Ambien (the lowest dose) sitting around that I’d never used, so I took one out, cut it in half, and took it. I did eventually get to sleep but I just woke up and feel like I was roofied. “Refreshing sleep,” my ass.

Summer breeze

Seals & Croft:

Summertime blues

Eddie Cochran:

Hot fun in the summertime

Sly and the Family Stone:

All summer long

The Beach Boys:

Reflecting light

Sam Phillips with one of the most exquisite songs ever:

I should have known

Beatlesque, don’t you think? Aimee Mann:

All along the watchtower



Watching “Bridge Over Troubled Water,” a documentary about the making of the Simon and Garfunkel classic. They did a TV special when the album came out, and they chose funeral footage of the Kennedys and Martin Luther King Jr. as the background for the title song.

“The sponsors told us it wasn’t balanced,” Paul Simon said. “We said, what do you mean? They said, ‘They’re all Democrats.’ We said, ‘We think of them as all assassinated people.’”

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