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Jones flamed out, but her songs endure

The July issue of Mojo profiled singer/songwriter Rickie Lee Jones, who debuted in 1979 with a Top 5 album and the hit single “Chuck E.’s In Love” but soon after suffered an emotional meltdown from which her career never quite recovered.

No myth

Michael Penn:

Bad reputation

Freedy Johnston:

Job creation

Propaganda vs. reality.

Rep. Nan Hayworth, NY-19 gets an earful:

Faithless love

J.D. Souther and Matraca Berg:

The Bible

You may have heard my riff about the Bible – namely, that even if you accept the religious framework of the book, you have to acknowledge that human beings who write things down always have their own filter. I saw this again and again as a reporter, and I don’t think it’s possible to write without some kind of bias.

So I approve of this.

Girls’ night out

My friend Cos and I will be hanging out at the Dawson St. Pub tonight for Acoustic Night. (One of the featured acts is our friend Matt.) So if you want to catch a good show, come on down!

The carefully coiffed Texan with the designer cowboy boots is looking to take full advantage of the Bush Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United decision. Already, so-called “Super PACs” created to generate money for Perry are looking as dirty as the laws that allow for this sort of fundraising…

Long long time

Linda Ronstadt:

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