When life gives you lemons

UPDATE: The victim has died.

Well, if she lives, and she’s pregnant, she can always heal herself emotionally by giving birth to her rapist’s child – and then he can file for parental rights! Rick Santorum would be so proud!

And she’s lucky enough that this would be considered a “legitimate” rape, even by Todd Akin:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A sheriff says a severely burned woman was naked and had a rope around her neck when a passing motorist spotted her on a road in a rural, heavily wooded area of eastern Ohio, roughly 60 miles from her home.

The traveler found the woman Sunday northeast of Zanesville and called 911. He told a dispatcher the woman had been raped, beaten and burned.

Muskingum County Sheriff Matt Lutz says the 29-year-old woman from the Canton area had fourth-degree burns over most of her body. He said she was in critical condition Monday at a Columbus hospital.

Maybe Paul Ryan can visit her and encourage her to do the “right” thing.

Ryan tried to kill storm aid

True believers are dangerous:

WASHINGTON (AP) — As Hurricane Isaac bears down on the Gulf Coast, there should be plenty of money — some $1.5 billion — in federal disaster aid coffers, thanks, in part, to a new system that budgets help for victims of hurricanes, tornadoes and floods before they occur.

It’s a system that Paul Ryan, the Republican nominee-to-be for vice president, had hoped to scrap as a way to make his House GOP budget look smaller by about $10 billion a year. Politely, party elders told him no way, at least for now.

Capitol Hill Democrats like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada and Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana were the driving force behind the new disaster funding scheme and made it part of last summer’s hard-fought budget pact with backing from President Barack Obama. Prior to that, the president had given short shrift to budgeting for disasters before a spate of them early last year, including tornadoes that ripped through Missouri and Alabama.

Congresses and administrations, after all, always had been fairly forthcoming with whatever disaster aid was needed after the fact, though the rise to power of tea party Republicans contributed to delays in providing disaster money last year.

he new system means disaster aid will not have to compete with other programs for financing, nor have to rely on less certain ad hoc funding at the height of a crisis.

Instead, disaster money was added on top of the official budget “cap” in line with the amounts budgeted in prior years.

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