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Love train


Secret o’ life

A simply lovely, lush cover by India Arie at the 2006 James Taylor tribute:


Still a tool!


Washed my car, vacuumed the interior. I don’t know why, I’ll just have to do it all again next year!

Survival Sam

Sam Seder with a satire of survivalist sites:

Afternoon break

Can your dog do this?

Can your kid do this?

Last night’s show

Great fun talking with John Amato and Dave Neiwart last night, dissecting the right wing, talking economics — you know, the usual:

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Now he tells us

Larry Summers, who stood in the way of a larger stimulus package, now admits it just wasn’t big enough.

Roe v. Wade

When are people going to get off their hind legs and remind these politicians who they’re supposed to be working for?

This video doesn’t seem so extreme now, does it?

Quote of the day

Eric Alterman on Obama’s budget strategy:

So long as Obama keeps playing small ball on a field of dreams imagined almost entirely on the drawing boards of Republican funders and consultants, he will be a great deal more beatable than he currently looks.

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