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Free trade for who?

I’ve said this before: I think Obama believes our evolution to a third-world country is inevitable, and sees his job as presiding over a orderly transition. Hence, the deals like this:

WASHINGTON – Congress — if you listen to pundits and Washington politicians — is completely broken. But when multinational corporate interests are at stake, suddenly the institution figures out how to get to work. On Wednesday, both chambers passed three sweeping trade agreements with bipartisan majorities, against the opposition of labor unions worried about job losses that would result.

President Obama and members of Congress from both parties have trumpeted the agreements for their job creation potential, but that assertion was undercut by the deal itself, which included funding for workers whose jobs will be lost as a result of the deals.


No extreme weather here! Two-thirds of a country under water? Just rain, no big deal!


So Anonymous hackers rewrote some celebrity photo captions….

What’ll I do?

Judy Garland:

Uncle John’s band

Grateful Dead:

At the time of the betrayal, the Daily Kos crowd and other Obama-bots insisted Elizabeth Warren didn’t really want the CFPB job, that the president had stood up for her, that it was her decision not to go through the arduous process of trying to get Congressional approval. This was all bullshit. More here.


What Krugman said. Especially the last line!

Occupy Des Moines arrests

32 arrested, including an 80-year-old grandmother:


OccupyPhilly took part in a joint action with the former ACORN in Philly today at Wells Fargo, about the millions of dollars they charged the school district over credit default swaps:

Baby I’m a-mazed

See, I don’t get that whole corn maze thing. It sounds incredibly boring. They used to have them near the Hellmouth, but I was never tempted to go to one. It just never seemed like my idea of a good time.

I’ll bet these people agree with me now.

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