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Here’s that rare Democratic politician who has a knack for getting to the heart of the matter — whatever the matter — in a hurry:

Former Florida Rep. Alan Grayson (D) on Wednesday blasted Republicans in Congress for continuing to grill U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder over the “fast and furious” gun-running scandal.

“Why won’t they launch an investigation of why 50 million Americans don’t have health care?” he asked on Current TV. “When are we going to see those investigations?”
Republicans on the House Oversight Committee chose to hold Holder in contempt of Congress over the Department of Justice’s refusal to release certain documents pertaining to the failed operation.

This piece from Common Dreams is news of a sort, but few environmentally conscious citizens will be surprised by it:

… Everyone knows that we are facing an unprecedented environmental crisis– right?

Wrong. This news seems never to have gotten to America’s Republican legislators. In the face of these huge and escalating threats, the GOP majority over the last year has voted no fewer than 247 times (nearly once a day for every day the House was in session) to weaken environmental protections that have been in place for decades and to defeat needed legislation.

This according to a report released on Monday by Representatives Henry Waxman, a member the House Committee on Energy and Commerce and Edward Markey a member of the Committee on Natural Resources. They have called the 112th Congress the most anti-environment ever…

Common Dreams is a fine organization, but the blandly satirical tone of the piece is annoying. It’s not as if the current crop of wing-nut Republicans hasn’t heard the “news” regarding climate change, threats to fresh water and food supplies, and so on. For a variety of reasons, they simply don’t care.

Nuns on the bus

Asshole Paul Ryan didn’t show up because he knew they were coming.

You ain’t thinking ’bout me

Sonia Dada:

That time is gone

The dBs:

Where will you be

Sara Watkins:

Dancin’ in the light

Love, love, LOVE this song. Entrain:

Reasons why

Nickle Creek:

The new doctor

She’s very nice, the first visit took an hour. I talked to her about my thyroid and asked if she’d feel comfortable taking over the monitoring. She said yes, and asked why. “Well, you know that personality type that endos have?” I said.

She snickered and said, “You mean ‘asshole’?”

She was actually more current on the newest thyroid range than the endocrinologist, is open to alternative treatments and has been in practice for 20 years. I told her I really don’t like to take medicine, and I avoid radiation as much as I can, so if she wants me to take something or have a test, she needs to convince me there’s a really good reason. She didn’t seem to have a problem with that; I think I’m going to like her.

Turns out the practice has been open for almost two years, but the hospital system refuses to advertise it. (Which is why I never heard of it before.)

Occupy National Gathering

Here in Philadelphia, June 30-July 4th. For info, click here.

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