I’m sure there’s nothing to this astrology stuff, just ignore it:

Don’t forget to be prepared for the storm and seismic risk windows of October. Once again – the last month this year for which this can be said – there won’t be a SuperMoon or eclipse kind of celestial shock window stirring up powerful tides in the atmosphere, crust and seas of Planet Earth. Even so, the beginning, middle and end of the month – give or take three days, all else being equal – foretell a rash of powerful storms with damaging winds and heavy precipitation, as well as a swarm of moderate-to-severe seismic activity (including Magnitude 5+ earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. In particular, keep an eye on October 1-3, the 13th-19th (including the lunar south declination extreme on the 19th), and of course the full moon on the 29th.

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Many will claim that Obama was stymied by a Republican Congress. But the primary policy framework Obama put in place – the bailouts, took place during the transition and the immediate months after the election, when Obama had enormous leverage over the Bush administration and then a dominant Democratic Party in Congress. In fact, during the transition itself, Bush’s Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson offered a deal to Barney Frank, to force banks to write down mortgages and stem foreclosures if Barney would speed up the release of TARP money. Paulson demanded, as a condition of the deal, that Obama sign off on it. Barney said fine, but to his surprise, the incoming president vetoed the deal. Yup, you heard that right — the Bush administration was willing to write down mortgages in response to Democratic pressure, but it was Obama who said no, we want a foreclosure crisis. And with Neil Barofsky’s book ”Bailout,” we see why. Tim Geithner said, in private meetings, that the foreclosure mitigation programs were not meant to mitigate foreclosures, but to spread out pain for the banks, the famous “foam the runway” comment. This central lie is key to the entire Obama economic strategy. It is not that Obama was stymied by Congress, or was up against a system, or faced a massive crisis, which led to the shape of the economy we see today. Rather, Obama had a handshake deal to help the middle class offered to him by Paulson, and Obama said no. He was not constrained by anything but his own policy instincts. And the reflation of corporate profits and financial assets and death of the middle class were the predictable results.

I’m not saying don’t vote for Obama. I’m saying if you do vote for him, be conscious of exactly what you’re supporting.


Local Action News: “Don’t worry, if you lose power, you can still watch us on your devices, we’ll be streaming live.”

So apparently they don’t know that tablets and cell phones need electricity?

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