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Cokie’s law

If they’re reporting it as fact, we must act as if it’s true.

No, Cokie, the S&P downgrade didn’t cause the market crash. Although wouldn’t it be pretty to think so?

Still trying to keep the blood pressure down

But when I heard Mitt Romney complaining yesterday about how “half of the people in this country don’t even pay taxes,” I knew he wasn’t talking about rich people. Duncan saw it, too.

Shhh, it’s a secret

Blue Gal (of Blue Gal and Crooks and Liars) is getting married this Friday to the very funny Driftglass.

Here’s the thing: They’re broke. Really, really broke. (They’re so broke, they can’t even afford to live in the same state because of Drifty’s job.) Blue Gal’s church is kicking in with an all-expenses paid night at a B&B for the newlyweds, which is wonderful. (They were thinking a night at Pizza Hut with BG’s kids, so yay.)

But I just wondered how many more Blue Gal fans there are out there, and how many people might want to go hit the tip jar on her page to give this lovely couple a little extra money as a wedding present.

She’s one of the nicest, smartest, funniest people — and so’s Drifty. If you want to send a gift to the happy couple, click here.

Looter A: Listen, mate, two quid will get you ten boxes of the latest Franzen, in hardcover.
Looter B: Bollocks! What about the new Xbox 360 games?

Cutbacks in social services for the poor helped trigger riots this week in England, and good old consumerism kept enthusiasm high among participants. But why did looters shun bookstores?

While the world is crashing down

I’d like to note that this is the third day in a row where the weather is beautiful.

Imagine that

Poll shows Americans are “explosively angry” at Washington.

Things like this don’t help.


8 reasons

Why young Americans don’t fight back.

Sam Seder interviews the author here.

Fighting back

Against bystanders who have the sheer audacity to videotape unprovoked police beatings. Can’t let them get away with it!

Bringing it home

To Boehner’s office:

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