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Faithless love

J.D. Souther with Matraca Berg:

The slow, painful death of Dodd-Frank

Matt Taibbi explains why, even if we pass relatively meaningful financial services reform, it’s gutted by the lobbyists before it goes into effect. Read it and weep.

Please support Rolling Stone by subscribing. They are literally the only publication out there devoting major resources to covering these crooks.


Republicans are just too fucking obscene for words. They define it.

Born and raised

John Mayer:


This pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

Lion in the winter

Hoyt Axton and Linda. Nicolette Larson sang Linda’s part when Hoyt was touring:

New Mexico is on fire

And our national legislators are fighting over abortion. Oh well!

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Different drum

Stone Poneys with the Mike Nesmith song:

Try me again

Trish Yearwood covers Linda:

Together again

Emmy Lou:

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