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In her article today, Ginia Bellafante didn’t call Occupy Wall Street “pantomime progressivism” — an improvement — but it appears she’s still reluctant to acknowledge the significance of the ongoing protests

Stupid girls


Helpless heart

Maura O’Connell covers the classic Paul Brady song:

Feet of a dancer

A lovely song from a parent to a child. Charlie McGettigan:

God may forgive you

Iris DeMent:

Mother Country

I love this old song. John Stewart:

My old man

This Steve Goodman tune always reminds me of my dad. But then, it probably reminds most people of their dads:

Your God

Cheryl Wheeler:

One Sunday morning



I go to Occupy Wall Street on a daily basis. This evening, I got this.

#occupywallstreet, as the kids say.

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