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One of the first questions before taking a lead development job in sales is, are my incentives based on things within my control? I learned early on not to even consider jobs where my commission depended on whether or not the salesperson closed the deal. “If you developed a good lead, the deal should close,” one sales manager argued with me. Uh uh. Sales people fuck up the close ALL THE TIME, ruining MY chance at MY commission. So that’s a major issue.

And that’s also why paying teachers on the basis of how the students perform is one of the stupidest, most insidious ideas the policy morons have ever come up with:

Reporting from Jacksonville, Fla.— Florida Gov. Rick Scott has signed a far-reaching teacher merit-pay bill that will overhaul how teachers across the state will be evaluated and paid.

The law creates an evaluation system that relies heavily on student test score data to judge teacher quality. For new teachers, it also creates a performance-based pay system and ends tenure-like job protections.

Florida’s merit-pay push is part of a national effort to improve education by tying teachers’ pay to their overall effectiveness.

“We are absolutely changing this country,” Scott said during the signing ceremony Thursday at a charter school in Jacksonville that aims to boost academic performance among low-income students. He was flanked by students as he put his name on the controversial measure.
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USUncut rallies today

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I think we’re talking major nuclear shitstorm here:

Reporting from Tokyo— Japan’s government Friday urged residents within 18 miles of the stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant to leave their homes, as new information suggested that the core of reactor No. 3 may have been breached.

I can’t stand the rain

Anne Peebles:

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