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At last

Etta James:

Love hurts

Gram Parsons and Emmylou:

Folsom prison blues

Johnny Cash:


Mick et al:

Life on Mars


He’s right

It’s so easy to get guns here, it’s a miracle this hasn’t happened yet.

Tiny dancer


Quote of the day

Economist Dean Baker:

Well, someone has to stop blathering nonsense about the debt and start talking about creating jobs. There is no employer in the country who is going to hire people because the government cut the deficit. They will hire people when they see demand. This will come from the government spending money. That should be simple enough for even a politician or political reporter to understand.


It’s absolutely beautiful here today, made even more enjoyable by the memory of last week’s suffocating heat wave – 72, no humidity.

I am writing this next to an open window, which makes me very happy.

Rockin’ the suburbs

Ben Folds:

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