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You don’t know me

Norah Jones with Wynton Marsalis:

Tiny dancer


Sunday Comix

By Susie
I wonder when it will become as unthinkable to cause greater harm for businesses as it is to tax them fairly:

The injection of wastewater from natural gas drilling into a disposal well probably caused a dozen earthquakes in Ohio, state officials said Friday, prompting new regulations to deal with the issue.

The findings about the probable cause of the earthquakes, which occurred in the Youngstown area between March and late December 2011, are certain to intensify an increasingly bitter debate about the safety of hydraulic fracturing within states that sit atop natural gas deposits.

Hydraulic fracturing injects sand and water laced with chemicals into the earth at high pressure to break apart shale rock formations and free natural gas trapped inside. The process, also known as fracking, creates wastewater that must be disposed of, often by injecting it into a disposal well, as companies did in Northeast Ohio.

“After investigating all available geological formation and well activity data, ODNR regulators and geologists found a number of co-occurring circumstances strongly indicating the Youngstown area earthquakes were induced,” state officials stated. “Specifically, evidence gathered by state officials suggests fluid from the Northstar 1 disposal well intersected an unmapped fault in a near-failure state of stress causing movement along that fault.”

Thunder in the morning

Essra Mohawk:

East coast

by Susie
Pretty cool, huh?

Six things

Rich people need to stop saying. From Cracked.com.

Loving you

The late Minnie Riperton was Maya Rudolph’s mother:


And the zygote zealots. You won’t want to miss it this week.

Missing the war

Sometimes the part I miss most about relationships is fighting. Ben Folds Five:

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