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Used ta be my girl

The O’Jays:

La la means I love you

The Delphonics:

I’m gonna make you love me

Diana Ross and Stevie Wonder:

Tell him

Patti Drew:


I’ll be making a tray of teriyaki chicken to take to a cookout. How about you?

Stoned soul picnic

Laura Nyro:

Grazin’ in the grass

Friends of Distinction:


Earth Wind and Fire:

Summer nights

From Grease:


Is the worst fucking drug in the world, and it certainly has its hooks into my part of the city. Just about everyone you meet has a friend or family member who’s addicted.

What I want to know is, since narcotics are supposedly carefully tracked, where does it all come from? I know when I was an insurance fraud investigator, we routinely inspected pain clinics to see if they were pill mills. Are you telling me that the drug manufacturers can’t tell by the orders who’s pushing opiates for cash? Bullshit.

This is how the drug manufacturer who made Quaaludes was finally outed as in on the scheme. The amount they were manufacturing and selling was something like 500% higher than the number of tracked prescriptions. So why aren’t they tracking Purdue Pharma, too?

Just another way for Big Pharma to fatten the bottom line at the expense of everyone else.

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