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Scott Walker

Is a fucktard. A real, honest to goodness fucktard:

Greg Hartman was waiting tables to support himself through college in the fall of 2010 when his hometown of Manitowoc, Wisc., experienced an outbreak of HIV and the hepatitis C virus. After finding out his best friend had been infected with hepatitis, the uninsured 22-year-old decided he needed to get checked out as well — but the tests were going to cost him more than $300 out of pocket.

“There’s no way I could have afforded it on my own,” said Hartman, who brings in only $150 to $200 a week from his restaurant job.

Hartman said he went to the University of Wisconsin’s campus health care center and applied for BadgerCare — the state’s Medicaid-funded family planning program, which reimburses low-income men and women for sexually transmitted disease testing, birth control services, cancer screenings and other preventative reproductive care. Through BadgerCare, Hartman was able to afford to get tested for both HIV and hepatitis C — he tested positive for the latter.

“If I didn’t qualify for BadgerCare, I would have just said ‘fuck it’ and not gone into the clinic in the first place,” he told HuffPost. “I would never have known I had hepatitis.”

Although the BadgerCare family planning program doesn’t cover Hartman’s treatment, he was able to afford two different HIV tests, a liver panel and potentially life-saving hepatitis tests through the subsidized program.

But the nearly 7,000 other low-income Wisconsin men who use BadgerCare may soon be out of luck. Scott Walker, the state’s Republican governor, has proposed eliminating men entirely from the program in his latest budget bill. That move could cost Wisconsin all of its federal family planning funds, policy experts warn.

It’s all over now (baby blue)

Bob Dylan:

Piper Palin

That poor, misguided child:

Piper, nobody takes vacations in a tour bus with their picture and name emblazoned on the side. I know you want to believe that your mommy loves you and wants to spend time with you, but I think it’s time you understood that your mommy is a con artist, and she cares about you exactly to the extent that you help her with her next con. Sorry, kiddo.

Virtually Speaking tonight

Thursday, June 2 | 8 pm eastern | 5 pm pacific |Virtually Speaking A-Z |Stuart Zechman and Culture of Truth | This week in liberalism…. What is a “Culture of Truth,” and why do we have a political press corps that seems to operate within a “Culture of Untruth.” Listen live on BTR. Beginning Friday, June 3 listen here.  See Show Notes below….

9 pm eastern | 6 pm pacific | Digby (in for Jay) and Howie Klein discuss how to make activism ‘work.‘ | Virtually Speaking w/ Jay Ackroyd | Listen live and later on BTR.

The mistake of 1937

How is it that, with all these people out of work and a president who’s doing nothing to help them, that Obama isn’t facing a primary challenge? But I digress: Why is he so determined to do the wrong thing? Go read it all:

The Mistake of 1937 was a preemptive policy tightening in a fragile economic environment. Specifically, it was a decision to abandon the policy of “reflation” introduced in 1933. After prices tumbled during the 1929-33 depression, the administration of Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) and the Federal Reserve made a commitment to increase the price level to pre-depression levels. (For more on this key initiative of the 1933-37 recovery period, see my article in the American Economic Review, “Great Expectations and the End of the Depression.”) The reflation policy was backed by an aggressive increase in government spending, the maintenance of large deficits, the abandonment of the gold standard, and monetary easing. If we accept the account of modern macroeconomic models, this reflationary policy mix can be very expansionary once the short-term interest rate is constrained at zero (as it was at the time). Why? Because at zero interest rates, if people start expecting that prices will rise instead of continuing to fall, the real rate of interest—a critical determinant of aggregate spending—turns from positive to negative. Thus, it becomes economical to spend money rather than save it. A further benefit of reflation is that it can repair balance sheets of overleveraged households and firms, a point explained in more detail in my recent paper with Paul Krugman, “Debt, Deleveraging, and the Liquidity Trap.”
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Anonymous announces it will hack the IMF for the predatory lending and austerity package for Greece. I can’t say as I’m all that upset…

‘The food system is broken’

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