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Where are the angry mobs?

In The Nation, Frances Fox Piven, one of Glenn Beck’s favorite targets, raises an important question: How do we mobilize the jobless to political action?

As 2011 begins, nearly 15 million people are officially unemployed in the United States and another 11.5 million have either settled for part-time work or simply given up the search for a job. To regain the 5 percent unemployment level of December 2007, about 300,000 jobs would have to be created each month for several years. There are no signs that this is likely to happen soon. And joblessness now hits people harder because it follows in the wake of decades of stagnating worker earnings, high consumer indebtedness, eviscerated retirement funds and rollbacks of the social safety net.

So where are the angry crowds, the demonstrations, sit-ins and unruly mobs? After all, the injustice is apparent. Working people are losing their homes and their pensions while robber-baron CEOs report renewed profits and windfall bonuses. Shouldn’t the unemployed be on the march? Why aren’t they demanding enhanced safety net protections and big initiatives to generate jobs?

It is not that there are no policy solutions. Left academics may be pondering the end of the American empire and even the end of neoliberal capitalism, and—who knows—in the long run they may be right. But surely there is time before the darkness settles to try to relieve the misery created by the Great Recession with massive investments in public-service programs, and also to use the authority and resources of government to spur big new initiatives in infrastructure and green energy that might, in fact, ward off the darkness.
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We bring good things to life, and then we contaminate them with radiation and demand tax rebates on our expenses.

Once upon a time

During the Great Primary War of 2007…


Even applies the law to bankers! What a strange place it must be.

James O’Keefe

And you know there will be plenty of suckers who will fund him.


I don’t know anyone who actually reads him who isn’t a political operative of some sort, or a scarycrazywingnut. But on the off chance that some of you might care, you can read this.

Apple monopoly

Gee, ya think?

Wingnuts are crazy

And I guaran-damn-tee you that this guy will eventually be exposed as a sexual hypocrite. Either that, or his wife’s cheating on him.

Here comes your man

The Pixies:

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