Bloody your hands on a cactus tree
Wipe ’em on your dress and send it to me

“Cactus” is by the Pixies. The studio version by Bowie is on his album Heathen.


So I’ve been limping all week and just got my second opinion saying the same thing, which is that it probably had nothing to do with the acupuncture — the problems seem to be from a large, fluid-filled cyst behind my knee that’s pulling on everything else.

I also have a torn biceps muscle, but that’s another story.

Tune in with your new assault rifle

One can only wonder who would have ended up owning this mail-order killing machine:

Police in Washington are looking into how a local resident who ordered a color TV set via ended up with a high-powered semi-automatic assault rifle instead.

Seth Horvitz, who lives in the northeast quadrant of the US capital, said he contacted police immediately after a parcel delivery service left the military-style SIG Sauer SIG716 at his apartment door.

“They were a little confused at first. They’ve never seen anything quite like it,” he told Fox 5, a local television station.

“They just took my information and then said: ‘We’ll handle this weapon because it’s illegal to keep here.’ It’s illegal to transport in a car, so it can’t be returned.”

While the box was addressed to Horvitz, who had ordered a flat-screen television from a third-party retailer via, an invoice inside the box suggested the gun was supposed to go to a Pennsylvania gun shop…

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