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Evil supervillain Lex Luthor — sorry, Gov. Rick Scott — chortles at the thought of poor people dying.

Simply astounding. The event was held in a retirement village, which I suppose made it private — but they banned the Democratic residents? You can run, Rick — but you can’t hide from the consequences of your decisions:

Anxious over their increasing unpopularity, Republicans lawmakers across the country arebanning media from chronicling the blowback at public events. Florida’s now deeply disliked Gov. Rick Scott (R) adopted a similar tactic yesterday at a “campaign-style” budget signing ceremony at a town square in The Villages retirement community in Central Florida. Before putting his pen to the $69.7 billion state budget, Scott took an ax to $615 million of what he called “shortsighted, frivolous, wasteful spending.” Scott conveniently failed, however, to mention exactly what some of those “frivolous” programs were, including ones that provide help for the most vulnerable in society:

In his speech Thursday, Scott omitted many of the serious-sounding programs he cut: homeless veterans, meals for poor seniors, a council for deafness, a children’s hospital, cancer research, public radio, whooping-cough vaccines for poor mothers, or aid for the paralyzed.

Many in the community would likely not be pleased with Scott’s cuts, but those voices remained unheard — mainly because they were banned. Declaring the town square event to be “private,” Scott’s staffers had Sumter County sheriff’s deputies remove Democrats and those with “liberal-looking pins and buttons” from the event:

Members of The Villages Democratic Club were barred from the budget signing by Scott staffers who said the outdoor event in The Villages town square was “private.” Other staffers and Republican operatives scoured the crowd and had Sumter County sheriff’s deputies remove those with anti-Scott signs or liberal-looking pins and buttons. They escorted more than a dozen people off the property.

Despite blocking dissenting voices from a public arena, Scott failed to avoid anger from those in the crowd — most notably, Republican lawmakers. Bristling under his veto of lawmakers’ hometown earmarks, state House Speaker Dean Cannon (R) pointed out that much of Scott’s praise for K-12 education funding at the event was a “new found” priority. “The budget we sent him funds education at a higher level than the governor recommended just a few months ago, when he proposed a 10 percent cut,” he said. State Sen. Mike Fasano (R) called Scott “totally disingenuous” for this hypocrisy.


This Patty Larkin song always reminds me of someone with whom I’d broken up – and gotten back together with – more times than I can count:


This is a changing part of the city, with hipsters and artsy types still outnumbered by the junkies and assorted riff-raff. When I read one of these stories about an immigrant being shot while working hard to take care of his family, I feel so sad. To come all that way, and then this?

Early Thursday morning, in footage caught on a surveillance camera, two unidentified young men strutted into Trax, a 24-hour convenience store under the El at Front and Girard, where Northern Liberties. Kensington and Fishtown converge. One of the men pulled a sawed-off shotgun from under his sweatshirt and thrust it in Shaker’s face.

This time, Shaker, an Egyptian Army veteran, resisted. Standing behind the counter, in front of the cigarette racks and shelves of soaps and shampoos, he pleaded with the gunmen to leave as they hit him with the barrel of the shotgun. He pushed the register closed, the video shows.

The gunman shot him in the head. Then the would-be robbers tried to pry the register from the counter. They left with nothing.

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UPDATE: Another one happened this morning. Did I mention this is right near the Hellmouth? Maybe it’s The First.

I wonder it this was? I like a mystery as much as the next person, but this is a little freaky – and it’s only about ten miles from my house:

Whoa! Whoa! – what the hell was that?

Hundreds of wide-eyed Northeast Philadelphia residents asked each other that question last night after being driven from their homes by an unknown, unseen force that briefly shook the ground beneath their feet.

Cops, firefighters, medics and other emergency responders swarmed Knights and Fairdale roads, just east of Northeast Philadelphia Airport, after numerous people reported feeling their houses shake from what seemed to be some sort of explosion shortly before 10 p.m. Residents in lower Bucks County reported the same thing.

The emergency crews found no fires, no explosions, no signs of damaged homes or injured residents.

The U.S. Geological Survey reportedly said that there was no evidence that an earthquake – or even a small tremor – had occurred.

Peco Energy spokesman Ben Armstrong said the company had no reports of power outages.

“We had a crew respond and inspect our equipment in the area,” he said. “At this point, we don’t believe it’s anything Peco-related. We don’t know what’s going on.”

Similarly, a police official said the Water Department had received no reports of lost water pressure that would have indicated that a pipe had burst. Police helicopters hovering over the area saw no evidence that anything ominous had occurred.

In short, officials had no explanation for the mighty boom that residents felt.

The Fire Department officially declared the situation under control about 10:45 p.m. – but the unresolved mystery left some folks feeling unsettled.


Patty Larkin:

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