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Compare and contrast

Killing workers at Massey mines? No support for the death penalty there!

Flood aid held hostage

Dems actually stood up to them!

Conservatives say it out loud

They hate democracy!


As usual, the people are far ahead of the politicians:

Nearly 70 percent of Israelis surveyed recently said that Israel should accept a Palestinian state if the United Nations chooses to recognize it, according to a report in Thursday’s edition of The Jerusalem Post.

The poll results fly in the face of American conservatives and even President Barack Obama, who have taken the lead in discouraging the U.N. from voting on the matter, claiming that it could threaten Israel’s security.

Was 9/22 a Saudi-al Qaeda deal?

Russ Baker has a compelling new story, with lots of untimely deaths.


Will Bunch on the media’s refusal to cover the Occupy Wall Street protests:

Social media

And police brutality – the real reason why cops don’t want people with cell phones recording them.


What David Swanson said.

The heart of the matter

India Arie:

The last day of summer

The Cure:

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