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Grumble, grumble

Antibiotics make me cranky and disrupt my sleep. I wake up feeling like I took a 25-mile hike through a lunar landscape – lots of weird dreams.

Breakin’ up

Rilo Kiley:

Rick Santorum

Amoral right-wing tool!

Because they get treated like this.

On the plus side

More lime Jello with a banana!

Spray them and they come back

UC Davis quad today:


Chicken noodle soup from a box and lime Jello for dinner!


Supercommittee admits defeat!!

We are the one percent

A humorous essay.

Sharing battle scars

I was talking to a friend who’s had a lot of his own health issues today, and he told me he got the same kinds of visual problems with antibiotics that I did. So I’m not crazy — at least, not about that!

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