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Wage theft

Another growing problem in these hard times:

Undocumented immigrant workers are particularly vulnerable because they are afraid to complain, advocates say. (In enforcing these cases, the U.S. Labor Department does not ask about immigration status.)

Cooks, dishwashers, waiters, landscapers, janitors, hotel maids, nannies, residential construction workers, and car-wash workers are among the employees most vulnerable, according to a 66-page study conducted jointly by the UCLA Institute for Research on Labor and Employment, the National Employment Law Project in New York, and the Center for Urban Development in Chicago.

In Pennsylvania, the U.S. Labor Department has set up a separate initiative just to look at wage theft in hotels and motels.

A particular wrinkle that often shows up in residential construction is misclassifying individual trades people as independent contractors – each worker becomes his own boss, ineligible for overtime.
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Fortunate son



Just came back from Penn Treaty Park, where we were watching the opening night fireworks for Welcome America week here in Philly. I know most people don’t have the disposable income to travel these days, but if you ever get the chance to visit for the week ending in the 4th of July, Philadelphia is a great place to visit, not that expensive, and for this week especially, there’s lots of fun, free stuff to do with the kids.

Plus, I think anyone who has the chance should visit Independence Hall, my favorite historical site.

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