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Sunday in the park with Lt. John Pike

Almost overnight, the cop who pepper-sprayed a group of nonviolent students at UC Davis has become an art world fixture. I’m especially moved by Pike’s intrusion on the tranquil scene depicted in Georges Seurat’s A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. More here.


Cash flow problems (a check didn’t clear in a timely manner). He’ll be back online as soon as it’s all straightened out.


Can’t afford to take the corruption out of politics!

The healing process

Athenae, as always, sums it up nicely: The person who fucked up (in this case, the UCDavis chancellor) isn’t the one who decides it’s “time to move forward.” Or “on”, or anything else.

Tahrir Square

All hell breaking loose, 28 dead so far in the “million man” protest. Democracy Now! correspondent Sharif Kouddous tweets:

Protesters go to front lines, get gassed, and shot at, come back gasping, stumbling & wounded, recover, then go back

Look at the size of this crowd.

Livestream at 8 a.m.:

Grumble, grumble

Antibiotics make me cranky and disrupt my sleep. I wake up feeling like I took a 25-mile hike through a lunar landscape – lots of weird dreams.

Breakin’ up

Rilo Kiley:

Rick Santorum

Amoral right-wing tool!

Because they get treated like this.

On the plus side

More lime Jello with a banana!

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