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What is life

“All Things Must Pass” is such a wonderful collection of songs. George Harrison:

Is she really going out with him

This song always reminds of a drunken date I was on involving high heels and a lot of steps. Joe Jackson:

Train in vain

The Clash:

Didn’t I blow your mind this time

The Delphonics:

Maybe I’m amazed

Paul with Wings:

Tangled up in blue

Happy 70th birthday, Bob! (Not sure of the date, but it’s this week.)

The rainbow connection

We could all use a little Kermit, right?

Fortunate son



Today I got an email from Groupon for $150 off wall murals.

To get a wall mural that would fit the wall behind my bed would be a mere $771! Now, this is a pet peeve of mine that goes ‘way back to when women used to have home parties to sell framed posters that went for a similar price. Here it is: Why would you spend all that money on a reproduction of some generic graphic piece when you could buy a real painting from a real artist, and support the arts?

And who knows, it might one day pay off. I have a student painting I bought for $300 while the artist was in high school. He’s now doing very well, has had several NYC shows and is represented by a top gallery. His work is now priced in the thousands.

Not that I’d ever sell his painting, but it’s kind of cool to know he’s doing so well.


The boys:

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