Evil Fred

The power-hungry jackass who abuses his own kids gets a national stage for his psychopathic behavior:

MONTCOAL W.V. — Protesters from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., headed to the Upper Big Branch mine Thursday morning to convey the message that the explosion there that left 25 miners dead was a result of e-mail messages allegedly sent from West Virginia threatening the Church and its publisher, according to a statement from the Church.

The church, which is led by Fred Phelps, has attracted attention in recent years by showing up at funerals for soldiers who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. At those funerals they carry signs that say that God hates homosexuality and that the death of soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan is God’s way of punishing the United States for its tolerance of it.

“This whole nation is awash in rebellious sin and defiance of God, His standard, and His servant’s faithful words,” a news release on the church’s Web site said Thursday morning.

The statement said the church had received threats about a trip to West Virginia and Virginia scheduled to begin Thursday.

“So God reached down and smacked one of those mines, killing 25 (and likely four more are dead),” it said. “Now you moan and wallow in self-pity, and pour over the details of the dead rebels’ lives, pretending they’re heroes.”

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  1. This is classic Phelps, claiming deaths — by AIDS, IUD’s, weather related, mine collapses or whatever — as God’s judgment, usually because of “homosexuality.” The best response I’ve seen is to ignore them — several years ago I was part of a group demonstrating for the addition of “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to a city nondiscrimination code. Phelps and family showed up, including a child of no more than 8 or 9 years old, holding one of their very hateful signs, singing along to “God Hates America.” Our response was to ignore them, which clearly irritated them, as they kept escalating the hateful rhetoric. The only response they got was at one particularly silly phrase, at which a few people muffled their laughter. Oh, and the churches which opposed the additions to the ordinance also avoided the Phelps’ clan. They didn’t like us — the LGBTs and supporters — but they were smart enough not to be associated with Phelps. And as others have done before and since, one local LGBT organization used the Phelps’ appearance as a fundraiser for the local HIV/AIDS services organization — for every hour they protested, folks gave so much money.

    The hate they “preach” is horrible, and I think it important that people know about what they do, and you’ve helped provide needed information with this post. Thanks for that.

  2. Even the “talibaptists” around my area here in the sunny South think that Phelps is an asshat……

  3. From the KKK website

    NOTE: The Ku Klux Klan, LLC. has not or EVER will have ANY connection with The “Westboro Baptist Church”. We absolutely repudiate their activities.

    Nuff said!

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