Why So Glum?

NYTimes blogger Floyd Norris wants to know why people aren’t happier about the strong “recovery.”

“Why is the good news being received with such doubt?” he asks.

Well, Floyd, on a personal level? My unemployment (along with two million other people) has finally run out and I’m sitting here waiting to see what the craven members of the Senate are going to do to help people like us.

I’m not hopeful. There aren’t many jobs, and the employers are piling on a long list of skill and experience requirements for even the lowest-level jobs.

And the doubt thing? We don’t trust the “experts,” Floyd.

First they told us there wasn’t any crisis, then they told us they did exactly the right thing to fix it, now they’re telling us everything is fine (even though we’re still out of work) – and in the meantime, we’re sitting here, waiting for the commercial mortgage market to crash and the next wave of bank failures to kick in.

We don’t see things improving, Floyd. So pardon us if we postpone the celebration for now.

One thought on “Why So Glum?

  1. i’m seeing $8/hour for expert level of all ms office apps…no one’s responding to my resumes either.

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