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We’re used to seeing videos of anti-abortion activists spewing venom in front of women’s clinics, but rarely do we get to see the tables turned. Thanks to Aaron Gouveia, now we do.

He and his 16-weeks-pregnant wife went to a women’s clinic in Brookline, Mass. for an abortion after discovering that their baby had a congenital deformity with no chance for survival. On their way in, they were confronted by images of dismembered fetuses and two women yelling, “You’re killing your unborn baby!” Enraged, Gouveia decided to confront the protesters while his wife was in surgery, and he caught the whole interaction on his cellphone. In an essay for The Good Men Project, he admits to feeling a bit “foolish for getting so heated” in the moment, but who can blame him? Not to mention, any foolishness on his part is overshadowed by the Christian protesters’ decidedly un-Christ-like behavior.

The video, which you’ll find below, is a reminder that reproductive rights isn’t just a women’s issue, and Gouveia’s essay makes a simple, genderless plea: “If you’re able, stand up to these bullies in nonviolent ways. Speak out. And if you have a camera, use it.”

5 thoughts on “My hero

  1. Well darn, then I’ll post the first comment.
    Thanks for posting that. Great video. More like that please.

  2. That Fucking piece of shit with the poster is lucky that dude is non-violent. I would have spit on her, taken the poster, and torn it to shreds in front of her.

  3. Amazing how they limit their responsibility. First, it is “your situation is different” then, I “have adopted kids” and then just go away, we’re busy. I wish blinkered zombies like these would get charged a higher percentage of the tax rate to cover health care for children, social services and education-please put one’s money where’s one mouth is.

  4. Hooray for this guy. In the middle of a terrible situation for he and his wife, he’s able to also stand up for other women.

  5. Fantastic. Just fantastic. These women are, indeed, the lowest common denominator, and they want to bring us all down with them.

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