I get really tired when people erroneously claim to know my motivation behind what I write, and that no matter what you tell them, they insist they know my agenda better than I do.

The fact is, readers very often project their own ideas onto me and then hand me the blame. Or I’m accused of being on a vendetta against Obama because “your girl” didn’t win the nomination. It’s so fucking tiresome — and sexist. Really sexist. It implies that I couldn’t possibly hold the opinions I do based on any kind of logic or evidence. (I assure you that I can go weeks, even months at a time without even thinking of Hillary Clinton, except as a generic cabinet official.)

I don’t think I could be any clearer about where I’m coming from: My loyalty is not to Obama, or to the Democratic party. It’s to the voters. It’s to civil liberties, economic and social justice. Yes, Obama has accomplished a few things, but he’s also continued a lot of really bad policies from the previous administration.

I really don’t get how those same policies drove us nuts when Bush followed them, but now we’re expected to maintain a polite silence.

3 thoughts on “Mind-reading

  1. I don’t put myself in that category, but I was one of those who criticized you in 2008 for questioning Obama. I’m not sure that Clinton would have been any better, but this president has been an awful disappointment particularly in terms of war and civil rights. In most areas he’s picked advisers who are advocates of failed policies.
    I’ll be the first to admit that I was wrong to invest any hope in this man.

  2. I’m with you, Suze. I really could care less who you supported; hell, I like Hilary, too, but the issue isn’t about her or Barry. Alls I really know for sure is that I promised I’d never call him an asshole ever again——-I lied!

  3. We who have followed you for 7 years love your insights, wit, and writing. And wow, can you knock out a compelling headline!

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