3 thoughts on “The war on women

  1. My Italian grandmother was as Catholic as they come. Went to Mass every morning, cleaned the church every week, attended every function held at the church, wore a rosary around her waist so she could pray whenever she had a free moment, filled the walls of her house with pictures of Jesus and the Pope, and when she babysat us on Good Friday she made us sit still for three hours without talking or moving. I recently found out that she self-aborted her eighth child, using a broomstick. This was back in the 30’s. Damn near killed herself. She just couldn’t cope with being dirt poor, trying to feed and care for seven kids. Couldn’t use birth control and couldn’t refuse her husband either.
    Women will get abortions, legal or not. Rich, poor, Bible-thumping or damned to hell atheists, they all have their reasons. We shouldn’t judge or make it harder for them. These men sicken me.

  2. I’m going out on a limb here, but I’m guessing Bob McDonnell has never been pregnant – even when the condom broke.

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