Senator Robert P. Casey Jr Supports Internet Censorship and Imprisonment Without Charges

Senator Robert P. Casey Jr. is a coward, a phoney, and an enemy of the US Constitution. He voted to throw one of our most basic and sacred rights -the right to habeas corpus, to face your accuser and hear the charges against you, and to enjoy the services of a lawyer- right down the toilet.

If it was 1776, Casey would stand solidly with King George. That’s why he doesn’t deserve your support in any way, shape, or form when he runs for re-election. And boy oh boy, does he WANT that support: if your inbox is anything like mine, you get at least an email a week from Blob’s campaign, begging for cash to fight off Karl Rove.

I’m not big on revolutions (too many of them end up making things worse for everyone, as Stalin’s victims would tell you). But when I read shit like this, it makes me want to roll out the guillotine.

I suppose that makes me, and probably you, a terrorist in Bob Casey’s eyes.