at 9:30 a.m. No line, and no one asked me or anyone else for ID.

Got into fight with Republican committeeman, told him the Republican state rep (who really is a decent guy, votes with the Dems much of the time, great on constituent service) would have to switch parties before I’d vote for him again. “They get to hide behind people like him,” I said. “He’s in the wrong party, tell him I said so. I’m tired of what the Republicans are doing to this state.”

He was very conciliatory. “I’m sorry you feel that way, why don’t you write him a letter?”

“No, I’m going to send him another kind of message. He knows how to read vote totals.”

But it was an empty threat. He’s very popular in the neighborhood.

2 thoughts on “106

  1. Well done!! Without the Republicans running interference for the Blue Dog Democrats maybe….just maybe….we can shame the Democrats into acting like ‘real’ Democrats. Enough with this compromise crap. Voting a straight Democratic ticket is the only way to fly.

  2. @imhotep – haha, the lunacy of your posts, man I need a drink…. and you need to get some prescription meds while Obamacare is still a law…. 🙂

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