2 thoughts on “Child danger on teevee

  1. How old should a kid be before he or she can walk in the park alone? Maybe what Obama called for in his speech at the UN yesterday will settle everybody down about this state of affairs? Obama called for a worldwide Gestapo. A multi-country group tasked with tracking and analyzing the behavior of every single one of us. Every country will get its own NSA. All of them will feed into the giant motherboard located at NSA’s worldwide headquarters in Utah. Such a system won’t stop terrorism, but it sure will usher in a brave new world. All of this unlawful and anti-Constitutional activity can be traced directly back to the actions of ISIS. And we’re all suppose to believe that the CIA has no relationship whatsoever with ISIS? The CIA demands that we all believe that the world is full of coincidence and that only crazy people talk in terms of conspiracy’s.

  2. What a bunch of hysterical freaks who made this.
    I would assume in this day and age that anyone approaching a strange child alone would be accused of being a pedophile. Now it turns out we are monsters if we do, and monsters if we don’t.
    I didn’t go off on my own much as a kid (mostly stayed home alone), but sometime between the ages of 5 and 8, it seems like anybody responsible for me stopped worrying about whether I could take care of myself anywhere within walking distance of home (and not much later, within bike riding distance).
    If I saw a kid like that alone in an amusement park, or park or beach, I would think nothing of it. And if I did think about it, I would assume they were waiting for their folks or friends, or were perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, or of asking for help if they needed it.
    Maybe if it was a four year old, or a retarded or austistic kid, or a Palin, I might be concerned.

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