Yup, that’s Texas


Sometimes I think I should have a section just for stupid stories from Texas and Florida:

EDNA, Texas — A Texas girl’s involvement in a charity run got her suspended from school.

Carol Stone said her daughter, Hailey, participated in a color run for charity over the weekend.

Runners wear white and get doused with colored dyes and some pink dye got in Hailey’s hair.

When she went to class on Monday, she was put on in-school suspension for violating her elementary school’s code of conduct, which forbids unnatural hair color.

“We didn’t plan for her hair to be colored like that. It definitely wasn’t done on purpose, so I didn’t believe it was right for that to happen,” Stone said.

Stone is keeping her daughter home until the dye washes out of her hair but said the school went too far.

One thought on “Yup, that’s Texas

  1. Zero tolerance, every politicians wet dream. No means no. No weapons. A fingernail file could be a weapon. No drugs. Tylenol is a drug. No funny business. Pink hair and a short skirt are acts of “anarchy.” Under a zero tolerance regime nobody has to think. They only need to react. Every square peg will be shaved and smoothed until they all fit neatly into a round hole. Fascism by any other name is stupidity. For this we can thank our public education system and the conservatives who demand a return to the good old day’s when women, gays, blacks and the poor knew their place.

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