That whole Ferguson grand jury charade last night was utter and illegal bullshit. You know why? Because the only purpose of a grand jury is to see if there’s a prima facie case — that is, does enough evidence on its face exist to bring charges? Of course it did.

What the corrupt, smug and arrogant St. Louis prosecutor did was appoint himself judge and held an illegal trial in the grand jury room. This was a public relations event to add a veneer of legality to letting Darren Wilson off the hook.

And what he did was present the “facts” of the case to a captive audience last night on national television. Oh, you see, it was the physical evidence! Blah blah blah.

But it wasn’t the physical evidence. You know why? Because in a real trial (which is what would have happened if the grand jury did its job and indicted Darren Wilson), the adversarial judicial system would have allowed for rebuttals of every single piece of physical evidence — hell, all the evidence.

So Bob McCulloch artfully created the illusion of a fair trial — while doing exactly the opposite. Because there was no indictment, and no adversarial process. He stage-managed the whole fucking farce.

And he’s done it before:

Nasheed cited McCulloch’s investigation into the actions of two undercover drug detectives who killed a suspect and his passenger in a car on the parking lot of the Jack in the Box restaurant in Berkeley in 2000.

Grand jury proceedings are secret. McCulloch, in telling the public what the grand jury had found, repeatedly insisted that “every witness” had testified that the two detectives fired to defend themselves after the suspect tried to run them over with his car.

The Post-Dispatch reviewed the previously secret grand jury tapes and found that McCulloch’s public statements were untrue.

Only three of the 13 detectives who testified said the suspect’s car had moved forward, in the direction of the two officers who shot him and his passenger. Two of those were the shooters themselves. The third was a detective who McCulloch later said he considered charging with perjury because his account was so at odds with the facts.

Contrary to McCulloch’s public statements, the grand jury tapes showed that four other detectives testified that they never saw the suspect’s car travel toward the officers.

McCulloch never brought independent evidence before the grand jury to sort out who was right.

Nor did he request the testimony of a nationally noted collision expert who investigated the case for the Justice Department. He determined that the suspect’s car had always been in reverse — added proof that it did not move toward the detectives.

He’s a fucking liar, the media as usual seems to be too incompetent to figure out what’s going on, and cops got the green light to keep killing people. Black people, especially.

But all they’ll talk about today is people rioting and setting fire. Well, when the people who are supposed to be stewards of law and order make their own rules, what do you expect? Because not only did they fix the case, they did it in such an obvious way that it was one big “fuck you” to the people of Ferguson.

3 thoughts on “Motherfuckers

  1. Here’s what’s going to be missing from “lying eyes” McCulloch’s document dump: the blood evidence that shows that Brown was shot in place and immobile, the casings clusters that betray the distances of the shooting and the eyewitness testimony of those two white contractors that were pictured showing their hands in the air. The latter will be the witnesses who “disappeared.”

  2. Officer assassin fired his gun 12 times. How many bullets does officer assassins gun hold? The first 2 bullets that officer assassin fired were fired while he was sitting inside his patrol car. Brown was grazed in the hand by 1 of them and ran away. Officer assassin got out of his war wagon and fired 10 more bullets. Why did officer assassin find it necessary to fire 10 more times at Brown who was standing, hands in the air, 108 feet……….108 feet or 36 yards from him? This isn’t over by a long-shot.

  3. Good for Lisa Bloom. At this stage of the game, I am sort of shocked that they even let someone say something like that on TV anymore. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if that is her last appearance on NBC or anywhere else.

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