Bernie’s foreign policy deficit

Whiteout Press endorses Bernie Sanders for Dem Nomination

So Bernie’s campaign told the press he has a long list of people as foreign policy advisers. The people on the list say otherwise.

Look, are you surprised that Bernie doesn’t care enough about foreign policy to bother with it? All he ever talks about is the economy; ask him how the weather is, he’ll turn it back to the economy. He’s famous for it — which is yet another reason why people in Congress don’t want to work with him.

So now he’s in a position where his campaign has gone further than he anticipated, and he has to play catch-up. While you may not agree with Clinton’s stands on foreign policy, you know they’re grounded in something: Research, intelligence, consultations, or personal experience. I frequently disagree with her, but as least I trust that she’s smart and motivated.

Bernie has a one-size-fits-all foreign policy. It may not be up to the job.

3 thoughts on “Bernie’s foreign policy deficit

  1. Judgment is the name of the game in foreign policy. Hillary has none and Bernie has plenty. Just look at his record versus hers.
    The war in Iraq.
    The ouster of Gaddafi in Libya by force.
    The attempted regime change in Syria by force.
    A no-fly zone in Syria.
    The list is endless.

  2. I’m first to give Hillary cred for her SecState work, none better. But I would argue that US foreign policy has been driven more by the 1% economic agenda than US political interests since the first Roosevelt. While economics may be the true driver of foreign policy, I’d like to see an underlying paradigm of economic equality rather than oligarchic domination be the driver for a change.

  3. The only thing that Hillary has more experience in is in making poor decisions or not deciding at all. Experience means absolutely nothing, unless it results in good governance. Hillary fails on all counts.

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